One Child. One Gift. One Family.

Your support matters.

Since the start of Gregory's Gift, we have been blessed in being able to assist every family that has come to us.
We have never needed to turn down a family due to lack of funds. 
On average, Gregory's Gift provides nearly $50,000 a year to adopting families.
That averages to 20 children a year that find a forever home because of our donors.
We could not continue this without our financial donors, partners, and supporters sharing our cause.
All it takes is ONE GIFT to help ONE CHILD to forever have ONE FAMILY.

See below for ways to help us continue our mission.


Be someone's Mr. Gregory.



Our core focus is to ensure we have funds to support adopting families.  To do that, we need donors.  Your financial gift, no matter the size, can go a long way.  You can donate once or setup a reoccurring gift.  Every dollar donated is alloccated to support adopting families.  Gregory's Gift is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.



Partnerships are critical to the sustainability of our mission.  Whether you are a business looking to provide annual support, another non-profit with a parallel cause, or a service provider that can help grow our cause: we want to hear from you.  We want to lock arms with you.



Word of mouth has been the #1 contributor to our growth.  Sharing the mission of Gregory's Gift to your personal network and encouraging those around you to rise up can bring a child home to a loving and willing family.