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Privacy and Security Overview.

Gregory's Gift takes your privacy and your information security seriously.

All information collection by Newsletter submissions, contact forms, donations, and partnerships are securely transmitted and secured with high level encryption and protection.

We do not sell or share identifiable donor information or identifiable newsletter subscriber information.  The only form of data sharing we operate with is high-level meta data such as donation dates, totals, method (online vs mail), % of repeat donors, % of organizations vs individuals.  We never share any identifiable information outside of the organization.  Within the organization, personally identifiable information is kept only at the highest levels of those who need to know to run our organization.

If our word is enough for you, then great!  If you prefer to do some research on your own, please reference the technical specifics below.

If you ever have any questions on security, privacy, reporting, and how we manage content, please contact the Gregory's Gift Treasurer, Christian Parker, at

The Technical Jargon:

Website Traffic and Hosting: is hosted by Squarespace.  All traffic is routed via Secure SSL.  Additionally, we enforce HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) on all traffic.

Donations and Constituent Data:

In order to comply to IRS regulation, Gregory's Gift must keep track of all donations and expenses to report annually.  All donations and constituent data is recorded in our CRM, NeonCRM.  NeonCRM is managed by Z2SYSTEMS and is fully compliant to security and privacy standards, including PCI compliance for online donations.  You can read more here.

Personal Information Storage:

Most personal information is stored inside of our CRM, as defined above.  However, newsletter subscriptions (First Name, Last Name, and E-Mail) are stored and managed by MailChimp.  You can read more about MailChimps security here.